Things Nobody Tells You About A Girl’s First Time


Dating a virgin can be pretty weird… Namely because a lot of them are super clingy. If you sleep with them once, they might get the idea that “you’re the one.” This might not be good, especially if you’re just looking for something casual.

Yep, this one’s pretty obvious. No matter who the person is, if it’s their first time, they’re going to be pretty bad at sex…

Things might get kind of awkward when you finally have sex with them. They really don’t know what they’re doing, and that can be a turn off. They might also spontaneously burst into tears, and that can be super weird.

Breaking a girl’s hymen might not be as glorious as you might think. Blood starts going everywhere, and that’s never fun.

There have been many cases where virgins are actually so tight they can’t even fit a penis inside of them. This is usually the case if the guy is well-endowed, or the virgin is really tense. Or both.

You can’t go too fast with a virgin. You have to go nice and slow, and you have to be careful not to go too deep. This can be a turn off for a lot of guys.

Virgins are famous for not wanting to try new things. Merely suggesting new sex moves can be met with outrage and staunch refusal. Not so fun.

This one mainly concerns male virgins. All guys know that when it’s your first time, you don’t really last longer than a few minutes, tops. This can be a drag for a girl.

Virgins are also sometimes extremely insecure. They’ve never had sex before, and they get super nervous when they first try it. They also might not be comfortable being naked in front of people.

A lot of virgins are putting off sex because they don’t want to have premarital sex. This can mean that the only way you can have sex with them is by marrying them. This can be a problem for a lot of guys…

Virgins might not be aware of all the precautions you need to take when you have sex, like using protection and or birth control. This can lead to some serious problems if you’re not careful.

Some people date people for the sole purpose of losing their virginity. They might see you only as an “easy lay.” Once they’ve lost their v-card, they move on to the next person. This happens more than you think.

This is a really awkward situation that can arise with virgins. Since virgins have never gotten laid, they might not even know what they’re sexuality is. They might think they’re straight, and then realize they’re gay halfway through having sex with you for the first time. Or vice versa.

If you’ve started dating a virgin, don’t just assume you’re going to be deflowering them as soon as possible. You might have to wait weeks, months, or even years before they’re finally ready.

Be careful when deflowering a virgin. You might like them while they’re innocent and naive, but having sex with them might just flip a switch in their brain and turn them into a completely different person, like a sex-obsessed monster for example.