Mia Khalifa punched this guy in the face because he was trying to take a selfie with her


Do you ever wonder what Mia khalifa is doing today? Well today she was punching a fan in the face!

There was a time when Mia Khalifa was the most searched and the most famous pornstar in the world. Well she got out of the business to live a normal life, She started a cooking show and she just calls out athletes on social media until now. Now she is punching people in the face who were her crazy fans and use to beat their meat to popular videos.

Can you imagine anyone else doing something like this? Imagine Justin Bieber punching a fan in the face(especially and female fan), it would be the biggest news in the world. Fans would be really mad.

A guy from San Antonio,Texas tried to take a picture with ex-pornstar without her permission and was reportedly punched in the face.

He also posted picture of his bruised face on his social media according to the daily mail.

“Got a pic with Mia Khalifa and she punched me in the face and left a bruise,” @Fourthtigerclaw the man posted this caption on the picture he posted on twitter.

This tweet got huge feedback on twitter with more than 9000 likes and 3500 retweets.

A lot of  Mia Khalifa fan responded to this picture and told him of he would have asked her for a picture this would not happen and they posted their pictures taken with her without being punched in the face.

The fans posted this own selfies on the social media with the ex-pornstar in her defense.

Mia Khalifa replied to one of her fans by thanking her for being sweet and asked for her permission before taking a picture instead of jumping in her face and shoving a camera. She wrote in reference to @FourthTigerClaw, “you were the sweetest. Thank you for asking me nicely rather than jumping in front of me while I was walking & shoving a cam in my face.”

People were trolling her pretty hard because of the punch she threw on that guy’s face.These were some of the comments people wrote about this reported incident.

“U been getting put on camera so why are u all of a sudden camera shy?”

“First: why is she even relevant?
Second: if her male counter part, Aka, Ray William Johnson, did the same thing to a female fan, there would be outrage. Double standards much?”

“Wow, now if the roles were reversed everyone would be hating on him. Total bullshit, that’s why the feminist movement is going no where because they don’t want equality they want to be superior.”

“You’re a celebrity in public. People will want to take pics w/ you. He’s far enough away that she had no reason to feel unsafe, and unless he actually touched her, she’s in the wrong for hitting him. That’s just fucked up.”

“Love everyone (mainly women) who are defending this unjustified outbreak of unprovoked violence. Imagine if a male celebrity just punched a female fan in the street for taking a picture, there’d be vagina hats everywhere and rage. If a white man punched a woman there’d be even more outrage. Twats”

Well this is what happens when you are a public figure. People try to take pictures with you with or without permission. You are not the only person in the world this happened to. All the public figures go through this every day but they don’t go around punching people. Because punching someone in the face is assault. There are some sacrifices to be made when you are in the public eye and you should learn to patient with people.