Adult stars Confess Being Discovered By Their Families


“My family was surprisingly supportive. But then again, they’ve always been very liberal. My dad gave me a kiss on the forehead and said, ‘You do whatever makes you happy, sweetheart.’ I was so touched that I broke down and started crying.”

“My parents found out that I did porn in the worst possible way. A guy who said he was going to pay me for an adult film never paid me… And when I complained he threatened to send the tapes to my parents. Long story short, I had enough of his crap so I called the cops, but not before he was able to send all the tapes to my mom and dad…”

“I was raised a single mom. She also does porn. I was around so many people in the industry that it was always inevitable that I would one day follow in my mom’s footsteps… Now her bosses are trying to get us to do a mom and daughter video together…”

“A little backstory – I was raised by an devout Christian family in the south (I’m white). I did several interracial porn videos with black guys and somehow my parents found them… I think my dad was close to committing suicide at one point…”

“For some reason, my Grandma is ALWAYS surfing the web. And I guess what happened is that she got one of those porn pop-up ads, and it was me having sex in doggystyle position. She called me right away to tell me she was very disappointed she was in me… Then she told my parents.”

“My parents always told me I was going to have to pay for my own college tuition. Well the only way I was going to do that is by doing porn… When my parents finally found out what I was doing for money they started paying my tuition faster than you can say, “sex.”

“I always thought my mom was very strict and proper. She was lawyer at a respectable firm. But when I told her that I had been doing porn for a year, I was shocked. She broke down and confessed that she too had done porn when she was younger.”

“My porn director told my parents what I do for a living… I was living at home at the time… Now I’m homeless and I’ve had to start prostituting myself to survive… I just wish my parents had been more supportive and accepting… But I guess I chose my path….”

“My little brother has always been a porn addict… I never considered the fact that he might one day see me in some very extreme adult films. Naturally, the little pervert told my parents, and they disowned me for life. I’m the shame of the family now.”