Celine Dion Wears See-Through Top And No Bra After Posing Nude


Celine Dion Wears See-Through Top And No Bra After Posing Nude

Celine Dion is once again showing off some skin just days after posing nude for Vogue.

Shortly after the legendary pop star divided fans by posing nude in Paris as part of an Instagram feature for the iconic fashion magazine, Celine shocked fans again after being spotted out and about in Europe in a see-through black top and no bra.

Photos of the singer almost baring all on the streets of France were recently published by The Sun and showed Dion wearing a black T-shirt that unfortunately turned see-through from photographer flashes.

But while Celine’s naked display for the high-fashion magazine last week was most definitely intentional, it appeared that her latest skin-baring moment wasn’t.

The site noted that Dion “appeared oblivious” to the fact that the cameras had turned her black top translucent and seemed to be unaware that the flashbulbs had exposed her breasts through her T-shirt.

But while Dion going without a bra seemed to be an accidental fashion faux pas, the site noted that the “My Heart Will Go On” singer does appear to have been “sexing up her image” as of late, which has left her millions of fans divided over the new direction the legendary performer appears to be taking.

Celine’s decision to pose naked for Vogue earlier this month polarized fans online as social media users were quick to both praise and scold the mom of three for stripping down for the cameras.

Though Dion strategically crossed her legs and placed her hands and some see-through white tulle across her body to cover her modesty as she sat naked on a chair for the photo, some fans slammed the performer for feeling the need to take her clothes off for the cameras.

“So Celine Dion posed naked in a magazine. That’s something I don’t need to see. Sing yes. Naked no!” @johnhaugg tweeted.

Celine “posed nude nothing ‘inspirational’ about it,” @youngawd hit back over the naked photo. “Women are obsessed with being naked for world comment. Why?”

But while some weren’t happy, others praised the “I Drove All Night” singer for the tasteful nude image that discussed her dedication to fashion in the caption.

“There’s barely any nudity here! Good for you, Celine! #queen,” @__Kayah__ tweeted after seeing the star strip down.

“Dion goes naked for Vogue – No artist today will have a career like Celine nor the elegance or class,” @CVDCole added on the social media site this week.

Dion hasn’t commented on the praise or backlash that stemmed from her nude photo shoot, although the star does appear to have been getting more comfortable with her body over the past few months.