15 Ways Cheaters Get Caught By Their Girls


This is more common than you might think. Girls like to leave their panties around, and sometimes guys take them as a souvenir. You better hope your girlfriend doesn’t find them!

Girls are like detectives when it comes to cheating. They’ll survey your clothes and items for loose strands of hairs, and you better hope that what she finds is the same color as her hair.

Girls often have very good noses when it comes to perfume. They can smell another girl’s scent a mile away. You better hope that she doesn’t smell it on you…

If you’re cheating and want to get away with it, you should never ever give your girlfriend the password to your phone. She will read all your texts when you’re not looking.

Working late is such a lame and overused excuse. She will start to get suspicious after a few times, and she might just follow you to see where you’re going.

Social media has been the downfall of many a cheater. Be careful who you add as a friend, or who starts liking your photos. Your girlfriend will immediately become suspicious.

Girls often feel really guilty when they find out they’re dating someone who already has a girlfriend. They’re more than likely to confess to your girlfriend what they’ve been up to with you.

If you learn a new sex trick from another girl, take care not to practice it while with your girlfriend. She’ll want to know where you learned that.

Your girlfriend will start getting really suspicious when you start buying twice as many condoms as you did previously. She’ll want to know where all those condoms are going…

Your girlfriend will start getting suspicious when you say you’re too tired for sex. She’ll immediately know you’ve been having sex with another girl.

This is the worst possible mistake a cheater can make, but it’s a lot more common than you think. Take care you’re sending that sext to the right girl before you send it.

Guys like to brag about the fact that they’re banging multiple chicks, but loose lips sink ships. Keep that information to yourself, unless you want it to get back to your girlfriend.

Girls get immediately suspicious when you act way happier than you should be. You may feel like the king of the world when you’re banging multiple chicks, but let your girlfriend see that joy and the game is up.

Girlfriends immediately get suspicious when you smother them with too many gifts. They know right away that you’re trying to hide something, or you feel guilty about something.

Girls have been known to set their boyfriends up to see if they are loyal. They’ll get one of their friends to hit on you, and then if you flirt back they know you’re not loyal.