12 Differences Between Dating Pretty Girls And Average Girls


Most women have a thing or two that create their own unique sex appeal. Even the most normal-looking of ladies usually don’t seem to have much trouble landing dates or boyfriends. Beauty is in the eye, and all that.That being said, there are some key differences that happen when you stop messing with the 5’s and start hanging out with the 10’s.Is it possible you’re overthinking approaching that pretty girl at the bar, and you have just as good a chance with her as anyone? #4 has the answer.

12. Don’t Judge A Book…

11. Check Your Head

10. Player Level: Expert

9. Proceed With Caution

8. Don’t Put Her On A Pedestal

7. Skipping Steps Doesn’t Work

6. A Pleasant Surprise

5. Picking Up A Signal

4. What A Girl Wants

3. Count Your Blessings

2. It’s Nothing Personal

1. Looks Really Aren’t Everything